POIKILON offers prospecting and  representation for Brazil Sales management, corporate support
and ad-hoc plans .We make available all the advantages of having a local company.
POIKILON can operate completely under your brand name.
Why choose Poikilon
Poikilon stands out from the crowd. We  back our prospecting with full sales execution to
materialize those very business opportunities we helped you identify. We qualify strictly all
opportunities we submit
Our methods, code of conduct and structured approach have  roots in our management team
multi-year experience  in large corporations.
Strategic planning takes a central role in our way of doing business.
We associate our approach with the agility and pragmatic entry style    of small and mid-size
companies, where often the first dilemma is whether invest in a new market or stay away. We
show you a clear exit strategy too.

Poikilon is a global channel partner,specialized in professional services for suppliers of broadband video technology,
content distributors,developers of interactive video SW,content and subscriber management systems, streaming
platforms and applications, consumer premises equipment, user experience and recommendation engines.

Our  team covers  Brazil and we rely on partners for all other  Latin American countries.

Our services are structured to deepen your understanding , simplify your execution,let you invest effectively.
With a robust organization, we can deploy the service level you need ,offering  you clear performance metrics ,
supporting your growth strategy, minimizing your risk exposure.
Explore the market
Follow up on existing leads
Negotiate to close deals
Manage regional accounts
Market your solution
Hire local resources
Run a local company
Sales Execution
Grow and expand
Are you
innovator  ?

You follow your uniquely defined

Some of the paradigms we indicate
for more traditional companies
can be useless or even
counterproductive for you.

It is also highly likely that you
chose to scale globally .
We propose dedicated  
engagement modes for our services
to your company :

Your needs
Our service portfolio is designed to give you  freedom in choosing your level of investment to open a new market .
We offer you  transparency in scope of work, predictability on your cost structure  and a  path to scale  your presence
by leveraging  our extended services beyond sales and business development
The deliverables within the scope of service  can be  independently available to match your plan,
your level of investment and resource commitment : select exactly what actions you want us to carry out for you.
We  bring a full suite of professional services at competitive markets rates .
We adapt to your way of doing business, giving you the same level of control  you  have if you  send
your best team to a new market. Consider us as part of your organization on the field.
Product management
Put your company at the intersection of technology, commerce and business culture.
We connect YOU with YOUR next customer.
All our offered services are available as separate modules.
Choose the entry point , set the terms of your engagement ,the targets and your metrics
Explore how we classify , treat and report your opportunities
Get to know our territory
Check out our typical customer segments
Where it all makes sense
Follow us
What makes POIKILON unique