Engagement for the radical innovators
Markets for disruptive technologies are usually unpredictable.
What does not yet exist cannot be analyzed and certainly cannot be classified as an extrapolation of what already exists
.Even when the leading edge of a disruptive innovation has started to produce results in a certain environment ( or in a
certain part of the world) there is no guarantee that by simply replicating the experience in a new market you will reach
any degree of success.
Plans, strategies  and tactics put in place to bring forward disruptive ideas are, in the opinion of many experts, more
about learning and discovering than diligently extending what has worked somehow or somewhere else.

An approach based on careful, intelligent listening of customers requests also does not work.
Henry Ford famously said that if he had always just listened to his customers he would have given them
a carriage with faster horses rather than the car.

Without much reliable information to analyze ,lacking clear revenue projections and marketing direction,the approach
to your channel partner needs to be different : this is the reason why we propose three alternative
modes of engagement and risk sharing with you .
Finding an emerging market
Pooled business development
Revenue sharing
Equity investment
We start from our base of customers - most of them in the broadband video space, with some notable exceptions.
Each customer has brought us in touch with groups of prospect companies in our region .
We plan to affiliate your ( disruptive) solution , during the prospection phases , with other technologies we are bringing.
We do not mean to integrate or mash up , but rather we will share the prospection efforts .
In this mode, your company as well as ours will minimize the dedicated investment and at the same time spread the target area
significantly, as we feel it should be done to discover where and how your solution carries the strongest appeal factor.

This approach can be combined easily , for the service remuneration, with the following one ( revenue sharing) when we move
to the sales phases  .Our engagement will naturally be stronger than it would be if we simply chose a referral agreement with
you. Our feedback from the field and support for the necessary learning curve will benefit you in your idea adjustments
and will benefit ourselves in our target adjustment .

Pricing for pooled services will be significantly lower than what it would be for stand-alone business development
We propose building a strategic partnership between you, the developer, and Poikilon, the channel partner .Our degree of
understanding of your solution needs to be adequate to become an evangelist of sorts in the markets where we operate
( we mean geographically AND by segment in this case).

The dedicated business development efforts we will put in place imply a higher level of risk we will take on in terms of resources
deployed for returns not necessarily easy to predict.

Many scenarios are possible to define the sharing of revenue, and we believe that all should be grounded in the effective risk
exposure .

The trigger events for revenue sharing are clearly sales events ( depending on the revenue model you have defined,
those can be license sales or similar ) .We propose a compensation model for our  business development  effort
triggered only at the realization of sales .

This mode is NOT a simple reseller  agreement .
Depending on the stage of your idea, prototype readiness or strategy you might choose to open the doors to direct
capital  investment .

We would be very excited to be part of your dream to bring a great innovation to the Latin America market.
Our role, as well as the size our participation, our possible involvement with aspects of solution building and solution
marketing are completely up to you. Our return expectations will guide our decision to support you

We are constantly scanning the landscape for exciting innovators to sponsor  : we have successfully invested in
brilliant companies in the past and we are ready for more.

Our most useful contacts are with local  companies that share your high intensity dreams and passion for technologies
that bring people together ( we are based in one of the most socially interconnected country in the world).

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