Time limited  6 weeks

Market assess
First contacts

Establish your presence and create awareness
for your solution.
Highlight your competitive advantages in the market.
Generate strong interest for your value proposal

We start sales prospection operations for you and
formalize the processes.
Business development , sales management are part of the scope.
We communicate bi-monthly with you on our progress .
We can hand over to your sales team or expand our cooperation upon
your request with one of our service modules.

Flexible  allocation of resources at a  fixed price.
Monthly payments .
If the agreement is signed before September 30th 2020
the first month is free of charge.

Fully documented pipeline of qualified opportunities, complete
with  contacts, competitors´intelligence report,
market acceptance and objections report.
Bi-monthly progress report from Poikilon in SF.com format

Quickly assess the market interest for your proposed solution .
Understand  the duration of the sales process.
and your product compatibility and appeal in the market.
Make informed Go / No go decisions.

We take you for a sweep of previously qualified prospects where your
solution can be part of a technology selection process.
We communicate the progress to you twice during the sweep
then wrap it all up in a final report.

Fixed allocation of resources and fixed price .
Payment at delivery of results  6 weeks after retainer signed.
If the agreement is signed before September 30 th 2020
a 20% discount over the quoted price is applied.

A group of qualified leads, with full contact details,
in a complete report.

An estimate of potential revenues with sales cycle times
from lead to signed deal.

Become a serious competitor in Brazil .Be selected for
RFPs and RFQs  by  operators and prospects.   

Build your reputation locally as  reliable supplier .

Simply put, your sales director in the region, without the hassle of
finding, hiring, training and coaching one.

You tell us how you want us to develop your business, manage
the sales process and the accounts.

Flexible  allocation of resources by Poikilon .
Monthly payment at a  fixed price .
If the agreement is signed before September 30th 2020 ,
your  first month will be  free of charge.

By-monthly reported pipeline of qualified opportunities.
Customized dashboards.

Full engagement, from Business Development  to contract management
Local invoicing and  local pricing option to customer offered  by Poikilon.

Establish a long term strategy of presence
in Brazil  .

Poikilon presents itself to the market as the local branch of its
customer making available all services from its portfolio including
corporate support ( hire locally, set up local front end).

Flexible  allocation of resources by Poikilon  .
Monthly payment,fixed price .
If the agreement signed before September 30th 2020 ,
your first month is  free of charge.
Selected marketing events are included in the price

By monthly reported pipeline of qualified opportunities.
Customized dashboards.
Full engagement, from Business Development  to contract
management .Local invoicing / pricing option to customer
Dedicated marketing support for 4  selected regional events.
You may choose each individual deliverable you expect from us and we will compose a service agreement accordingly.

Alternatively, you might see a certain fit between the packages we propose and your own situation.
If such is the case we  offer you significant savings as we have streamlined our service offering over the course of several years .

Choose your off the shelf, competitively priced package for your debut on the Brazilian  market,or select
a deeper and more extensive form of engagement.

The novelty  is  a
METERED package, with a base fare and very specific actions charged individually : minimized investment and full
control , with the flexibility to scale up your engagement as you detect traction for your technology or solution.

To request a quote for one of our predefined, off the shelf packages  click the pricing link for each service pack.

Take a test drive of business development in the region and
collect leads  .Engage in focused, meaningful sales
conversations , create a bridge to your inside sales team.

Poikilon selects prospects and presents them to you , with a plan
to bring your solution to them .Highly structured approach,
with a precise definition of time invested in each prospect.

A  base fee
A time based ,predetermined charge ,with your approval
before any action is taken.
An extension charge if you decide to move forward with
any one pursued prospect you decide.

Reported pipeline of selected opportunities.
Marketing completely on demand. Creation of contacts for your
inside sales team to cultivate a prospect and push sales.


open contract


Time limited

Full pipeline
Full sales process


Time limited

Full business development
Full sales process
Full account management


Time limited

Renewable engagement
Evolve to full corporate set up


Pay per use

Full control

Engage POIKILON by signing
referral agreement for the Brazilian market.

We evaluate your solutions´ fit and compatibility with our current
addressable market and will promote your product or solution
as we see fit, at our discretion.

No Fixed allocation of resources and no fixed price.
We charge a one-off starting fee.  
The referral commissions are subject to our agreement.

Direct sales cases .No pipeline no formal business development.
No project follow -up ( additional modules  available if requested)